Selfie of Lizzie Langdon-Lassagne above an alpine lake.

Lizzie Langdon-Lassagne

Ph.D. student, Geology, SAGE webmaster She/her/hers


I am originally from Sunnyvale, California. I began my PhD in Geology at the University of Nevada, Reno in Fall 2019. I completed my undergraduate degree in Earth Science (B.S.) at the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2018. There, I worked on a research project using U-Pb geochronology to constrain the timing of metamorphism of the Orocopia schist in Southern California and Southwest Arizona to better understand the history of Late Cretaceous Farallon Plate subduction.

Research interests

My interests lie in reconstructing tectonic histories using evidence that ranges in scale of observation from geologic field relationships to micro-scale geochemical and geochronological analysis. I am currently working with my advisor, Dr. Stacia Gordon, to investigate the metamorphic and deformational evolution of the ancient North Cascades magmatic arc in Washington.


  • B.S. in Earth Science, University of California Santa Cruz (2018).
  • A.A. in Liberal Arts: Science, Math and Engineering; De Anza College (2016)