Photo of Drew Levy with geology equipment outside.

Drew A. Levy

Ph.D. student, Geology He/him/his


My research applies structural analysis to multiply deformed regions to investigate mechanisms of continental deformation and tectonic processes. In addition to systematic field mapping, I employ microstructural analysis using Electron Backscatter Diffraction, as well as various geo-thermochronologic techniques. My primary advisor is Dr. Andrew V. Zuza. I am currently funded through the NSF EarthScope AGeS2 program to examine the Mesozoic-Cenozoic thermal evolution of the ancient Nevadaplano in northeastern Nevada using Ar thermochronology with Dr. Matt Heizler at New Mexico Tech.

Research interests

  • Tectonics of the North American Cordillera
  • Rheologic Evolution of Ductile Shear Zones
  • Deformation Induced Trace Element Redistribution in Accessory Minerals
  • Tectonic Evolution of the Northeastern Tibetan Plateau
  • Neotectonics of the Walker Lane


  • B.S. in Geology, UCLA, 2016