Geoscience Seminars

2018 Spring Seminars

All Regular Monday Seminars are in DMS 102

Feb   5 Mark Reagan The early history of the Izu-Bonin-Mariana subduction system as revealed by diving and drilling University of Iowa
Feb 26 Darren Larsen

Climate Change and Tectonics: Investigating drivers of Arctic and alpine landscape evolution using sedimentary archives

Occidental College
Mar  5 Adrian Borsa  From Drought to Hurricanes: Non-tectonic Interpretations of Continuous GPS Time Series UC San Diego
Mar 12 Ted Daeschler

Explorations into the Age of Fishes and the Origin of Limbed Vertebrates

Paleontological Society Lecturer

Drexel University
Mar 26 Kristina Walowski Tracking volatile recycling in a heterogeneous mantle - a global view from ocean island basalts Middlebury College
Apr  9 Mauricio Ibanez-Mejia Active crustal foundering in the Northern Volcanic Zone of the Andean Arc University of Rochester
Apr 16 Whitney Trainor-Guitton Cancelled Colorado School of Mines
APR 30 Roice Nelson

Lightning Analysis: Creating Geoframeworks

AAPG Visiting Geoscientist Lecturer

Dynamic Measurement, LLC
May  7 Daniela Pantosi The 2016 earthquake sequence in central Italy: The complexity of normal faults in Italy, Slemmons Lecturer INGV, Italy