Geoscience Seminars

2018 Fall Seminars

All Regular Monday Seminars are in DMS 105

Aug   27 Dept Intro All faculty and grads, meet & greet. Introduction to the Department and Grad Faculty, new and continung grad students. Q&A re logistics, travel etc, preparation for future seminars DGSE, NBMG, NSL
Sep 17 Zach Eilon IRIS Early Career Speaker: New techniques for combining seismic data types to image the deep continental lithosphere.
Oct 1 Jingen Dai Mantle exhumation and multi-stage magmatism in the eastern Tethyan Himalaya: an ancient magma-poor ocean-continent transition? UCSB
Oct 8 Nancy Glenn Point clouds and waveforms: applications for the earth sciences Boise State
Oct 15 Christy Till Towards Assessing the Causes of Volcanic Diversity at the Arc Scale ASU
Oct 22 Brandon Schmandt Seismically imaging magma reservoirs beneath Yellowstone and Long Valley calderas UNM
Oct 29 Duane Moser Deep Life and Lessons from the Fringes of Microbial Biology DRI
Nov 5 Whitney Trainor-Guitton 3D Imaging & Fault Detection from DAS fibers at Brady Natural Laboratory CSM
Nov 26 Kurtis Burmeister Welcome to Jurassic Arc - Insights from a surprisingly undeformed remnant in the Sierra Nevada Pacific
Dec 3 Dave Lazarus Plankton evolution: A perspective from the deep-sea microfossil record Berlin