Geoscience Seminars

2017 Fall Seminars

Note new location this Fall, not DMS!

All Regular Monday Seminars are in SEM 326

Fall Seminars
Sept 6 Mark Stirling The Mw7.8 2016 Kaikoura, New Zealand Earthquake -- Special Date/Time/Location Weds/ 11am / DMS 102 Univ Otago
Sept 11 Bridget Ayling Enhanced Geothermal Systems and the Fallon FORGE Project GBCGE/UNR
Sept 25 Adrian Fiege Experimental Petrology-Oxybarometers to Track Magmatic Processes AMNH
Oct 9 Cin -Ty Lee Climate-Magma Tempo-Mountain Building-Carbon Cycle Rice Univ
Oct 16 Greg Stock Yosemite Rockfall NPS
Nov 13 Mike Karwczynski Experimental Petrology-Magmatic Volatiles in the Crust WUSTL
Dec 4 Student Presentations Various, for AGU