Geoscience Seminars

2019 Fall Seminars

All Regular Monday Seminars are in DMS 102 at 4pm. Refreshments starting at 3:50

9/9 Carrie Meisner Broader Impacts in NSF Proposals  Great Basin College
9/16 Alex Webb TBD
 Hong Kong University
 9/23  Open

GSA Week

 9/30  Jamie Barnes   AWG Distinguished Lecturer:  TBD - Subduction zone fluids  University of Texas - Austin
10/7  Chad Trexler Exploring the transition from subduction to slab breakoff: structural investigations in the western Greater Caucasus Mountains, Republic of Georgia Ohio Wesleyan University
 10/14  Arthur Rogers

 2019 IRS/SSA Distinguished Lecturer:  Forecasting Ground Shaking from Earthquakes Using Supercomputers

 10/21 Mike Stearns  TBD: petrochronology, LA-ICPMS Utah Valley
10/28 Ma Xu-Xuan Structures and petro-tectonics of southern Tibet and the Gangdese Batholith Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences / USC
11/4 Emily Chin TBD: mantle geochemisty / EBSD UC - San Diego
11/18 Danny Brothers TBD: marine paleoseismology USGS - Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center
11/25 Mathieu Lapotre Single-thread rivers in barren landscapes: Formation, lateral migration, and paleohydraulics on pre-Silurian Earth and Mars Stanford University
12/2 Open Student AGU Practice Presents?
12/9 Open AGU Week