Ph.D. in Hydrogeology

The water beneath the earth's surface plays critical roles for people and the planet alike. Hydrogeologists are trained to understand these roles and help communities and businesses treat subsurface water wisely.

Program at a glance

Application deadlines: Jan. 15 (fall), Aug. 15 (spring)
Admissions cycles: Fall, Spring
Assistantship types available: Research
Graduate director: Anne Nolin

Why choose this Ph.D. in hydrogeology?

The Graduate Program of Hydrologic Sciences (GPHS), which facilitates programs in both hydrogeology and hydrology, is one of the largest such departments in North America. The Ph.D. in hydrogeology focuses on interactions of water in the earth's processes, especially in the vadose and saturated zones below the earth's surface. Possible areas of emphasis for students include groundwater contaminant transport, geochemical evolution of ground waters, nutrient transport processes, vadose zone hydrology, ground water resource evaluation and groundwater modeling.

In both the hydrogeology and hydrology graduate programs, there is a single foundation core of coursework that includes a one-semester credit hour seminar along with one course each in groundwater, hydrologic fluid dynamics and environmental chemistry. Beyond this foundation core, each degree has its own additional required coursework. Students work with their advisers and committee members to develop a plan of study that best matches their research efforts and interests.

For more on the GPHS programs, visit these pages:

Doctoral graduates in hydrogeology are qualified to conduct academic research and education at the university level. Additionally, their skill sets may also be valuable to public and private industries such as mining and engineering.

How do I apply?

Prospective students must apply to the University Graduate School. To enter the Graduate Program of Hydrologic Sciences, applicants must submit the following items with their Graduate School application:

  • Letter of intent
  • Three letters of recommendation, each signed by its author

Application deadlines are as follows:

  • Jan. 15 for fall semester
  • Aug. 15 for spring semester

Visit the GPHS admissions page to learn more about the application process.

Is funding available?

Please see the GPHS research funding page for information on assistantships. To inquire directly on opportunities with staff, visit the research staff page.

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