Bachelor of Science in Geophysics


Geophysics applies mathematical and physical principles to the study of the Earth and planets. The curriculum introduces the global properties of the Earth (gravity, magnetic field, crustal motions, interior dynamics) and the determination of near-surface and interior properties through the use of seismology, electromagnetics, potential fields, remote sensing, geodesy and GPS. The curriculum provides a broad grounding in physical and mathematical fundamentals useful for future graduate study or for work in energy, natural resource or engineering industries. Students will gain experience in the integrated application of geologic observations and geophysical measurements to the analysis of Earth science and related engineering problems using current, industry-standard computational and GIS tools.

For more information about the Bachelor of Science in Geophysics, contact:

Liz Ball
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First Semester

  • GEOL 101 - General Geology (4 units)
  • GPH 105 - Introduction to Geophysics (1 unit)
  • MATH 181 - Calculus I (4 units)
  • CHEM 201 - General Chemistry for Scientists and Engineers I (4 units)
  • Core Social Science or Fine Arts (3 units)

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