Bachelor of Science in Geology


The undergraduate degree in Geology is focused on learning about the major earth systems and the geologic processes that create and shape them. Study of geologic systems includes coursework to develop an in-depth understanding of earth surface processes, earth materials and geochemistry, structure and tectonics, rock forming processes and paleoecology. Skills in interpreting geological data are gained through work in the classroom, laboratory, computer simulations, and in the field. The curriculum culminates with the capstone course, Summer Field Camp, a six-week outdoor experience in which faculty guide students in the completion of several mapping projects in Utah, Nevada, and California.

To receive a Bachelor of Science in Geology the minimum requirement is 131 credits, comprised of 39-42 University core, 86-94 Major and 6-19 Elective credits. Specialization course options are available. The Economic Geology option is a 12 credit option and the Environmental Geology option is 15-20 credits. The Custom Geology option, 15-18 credits, is designed to allow a major to specialize in an area of interest, which can include non-traditional areas of interest. For specialization course options, approval of advisor is required prior to the junior year. A minor in Geology requires 19 credits.

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First Semester

  • CHEM 121A - General Chemistry I (3 units) AND CHEM 121L - General Chemistry Laboratory I (1 unit)
    OR CHEM 201 - General Chemistry for Scientists and Engineers I (4 units)
  • Core Curriculum Fine Arts (3 units)
  • GEOL 101 - General Geology (4 units)
    OR GEOL 100 - Earthquakes, Volc, Nat (3 units) AND GEOL 103 - Gen. Geology Lab (1 unit)
  • MATH 181 - Calculus I (4 units)

For detailed course description visit the General Course Catalog.

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