Zaneta Janiczak-Serafico

PhD Candidate
Zaneta Janiczak-Serafico

Contact Information


  • PhD., Geography, University of Nevada Reno, In Progress
  • M.A., Intercultural Relations, University of the Pacific, 2011
  • B.A., Journalism (Minor: Geography), University of Nevada, Reno, 2001


Advisor: Paul Starrs

Research Interets: Human Geography, Development, Microfinance, Gender and Empowerment

Dissertation Title: Empowerment of Filipino Women Through Microfinance
Dissertation Description: ┼╗aneta's research is focused on microfinancing as a  socio-economic development strategy in developing countries. Concentrated on the issues of  globalization, development, gender roles, population migration and cultural identities, research  will explore what role does microfinance play in empowering women in the Philippines. 

Biography: Ten years of experience in international student marketing, recruitment, and admissions  counseling. Have worked extensively with diverse populations in the US and in foreign markets  through short-term work assignments in the Middle East and South East Asia. Collaborated  with the US Consulates and Embassies and EducationUSA Advisers overseas for the purpose of gathering data on current educational trends and to extend the organization's global reach. Experienced at analyzing global and academic trends to target specific demographics. Demonstrated ability to quickly assimilate and lead success while maintaining a high-level of independent thinking. Skilled in conflict mediation and resolution, and intercultural 
communication across diverse cultures. 

Currently pursuing a doctorate degree in Human Geography focusing on micro-financing, 
globalization, international development, gender and empowerment of women for the purpose 
of applying my professional experience along with my academic credentials to the causes of 
social and economic development and advancement of societies around the world.


M.A. Thesis: An Examination of the Development and Maintenance of Intercultural Conflict Mediation and Resolution Programs; University of the Pacific; Stockton, CA