Practical Casino Math, 2nd Edition

By Robert C. Hannum & Anthony N. Cabot

Understanding the underlying mathematics of casino games, the odds associated with each game and the role of mathematics in casino gaming management are important aspects of today's rapidly changing gaming industry.

Topics ranging from the basic principles of probability, odds, expectation, house advantage, and the law of averages, to price setting using game odds, gaming and economic regulations, standards for fairness, player worth and rebate programs are included in this must have book.

Practical Casino Math will serve as a valuable reference for anyone - player or manager - interested in the mathematical foundations of casino games and the use of mathematics in gaming management practice.

"It is one of the most important casino books to hit the shelves in a long time ... a book EVERY casino floor employee and EVERYONE in management needs to read." - Peter Ruchman

Practical Casino Math
Practical Casino Math, 2nd Edition
300 pages (10 ch., 2 appendices, index), ©2005
Paperback, ISBN 0-942828-53-4, $39.95
Casino Management Series

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