Integrated Resort Casinos

Edited by William R. Eadington & Meighan R. Doyle

Legalization of casino gaming has now occurred almost everywhere in the world. A few astute observers have noted that not all gambling should be treated alike; the benefit/cost ratios depend a lot on what kind of gambling is authorized in a jurisdiction. In particular, Integrated Resort Casinos might be considerably more beneficial than a wide variety of forms of permitted casino gambling.

This volume, which uses Slovenia as a case study, points out that this challenging question-whether or not to permit a "state of the art" Integrated Resort Casino-remains a daunting challenge for jurisdictions as diverse and separated as Singapore, Massachusetts, China, Texas, Viet Nam, India, and Britain, as well as Slovenia.

Integrated Resort Casinos
310 pages, ©2009
Cloth, ISBN 0-979-6873-1-4, $39.95

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