Indian Gaming & the Law

Edited by William R. Eadington

The new edition of Indian Gaming and the Law is not only an important historical reference but it is one of the few publications that contains the "Cabazon Decision", IGRA, the 1999 California Tribal Compact (Governor Davis), and a list of the Federally Recognized Gaming Tribes. Originally published in 1990, this volume provides a fascination snapshot of attitudes, projections, predictions, fears, and assessments of Indian gaming following the passage of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. It is interesting to see how many of these observations have survived the tests of time.

Who should own this book? If you are involved in Indian Gaming in any capacity, this book is a must have! A complete copy of the 1999 California Tribal Compact, also known as the Davis Compact, is attached in its entirety. In addition, a complete list of the Federally Recognized Gaming Tribes organized by State is included.

Indian Gaming & The Law
332 pages, ©May 2004
Paperback, ISBN: 0-942828-42-9, $9.95
Publisher: Institute for the Study of Gambling & Commercial Gaming

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