Casino Credit & Collection

by Anthony Cabot & Joseph Kelly

Casino Credit and Collection is the fifth in a series of books on casino management published by the Institute for the Study of Gambling and Commercial Gaming, College of Business Administration, University of Nevada, Reno. This book presents policy and practice issues concerning the granting and collection of credit by regulated casinos. The book first covers the debates on the propriety of allowing casinos to grant credit. After a jurisdiction decides to permit granting of credit, the industry needs procedures and controls to assure that the credit process is not abused. The book covers typical credit procedures, internal accounting controls, and the pre-litigation collection process. The remainder of the book covers the collection of gaming debts by legal means. Besides a full explanation of the litigation process, the book tackles the difficult and often confusing attempts to enforce gambling debts across state and national borders. (

Casino Credit & Collection
195 pages, ©September 2003
Hardcover, ISBN: 094282850X, $49.95
Publisher: Institute for the Study of Gambling & Commercial Gaming

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