Letters of Recommendation

Alpha Omicron Pi  (ΑΟΠ)

If you are an alumna member of Alpha Omicron Pi and would like to recommend a young woman for membership in upcoming Panhellenic recruitment where we currently have an AOII chapter, follow this link https://alphaomicronpi.org/for-members/recommend-a-sister  for the AOII Membership Information Form.

Delta Delta Delta (ΔΔΔ)

Tri Delta offers an online reference form, in addition to our printable PDF reference form. Our goal is to make this process easy for our members filling out the form AND for our members who receive the information. Both of these forms can be accessed by logging in to My Tri Delta on  tridelta.org  (this verifies you are a member in good standing). Once you have a successfully logged on you can find both the online and printable PDF reference forms under Resources > All Members. Or you can type in "reference form" using the search feature. 
When to use the online reference form: 

  • If a PNM emails you, her resume and/or photo. The online reference form allows you to upload the resume and photo automatically.
  •  If the deadline is quickly approaching. The online form is sent directly to the collegiate reference chair electronically. You will also receive a confirmation email when it's submitted.

When to use the PDF reference form: 

  • When a PNM provides you a physical packet with a printed resume and/or photo.

Delta Gamma (ΔΓ)

A Delta Gamma can sponsor a legacy or a young woman she thinks embraces the values of Delta Gamma. This process allows members to aid Delta Gamma in recruiting quality members who are dedicated to the Fraternity for a lifetime.

Sponsoring someone is a simple process. The official Delta Gamma letter of recommendation, or recruitment information form (RIF), is called the Sponsor Form. Complete a  Sponsor Form (https://www.deltagamma.org/sponsor-form) and send it to the  collegiate chapter  the young woman is looking to join.
If you have any questions about Sponsor Forms, please email  sponsorforms@deltagamma.org.

Kappa Alpha Theta (ΚΑΘ)

Kappa Alpha Theta appreciates the efforts of its members who recommend outstanding young women for membership. The process of identifying qualified potential new members (PNMs) is a responsibility and a privilege that is shared by collegians and alumnae. Therefore, both are welcome and encouraged to write a letter of reference (also known as a recommendation letter) for qualified PNMs.
Here is a link to the form: https://www.kappaalphatheta.org/alumnae/resources/recommend_a_potential_new_member.cfm.

Pi Beta Phi (ΠΒΦ)

If a Pi Phi alumnae wish to write a letter of recommendation, they can visit the national website and fill out a Recruitment Information Form ( https://www.pibetaphi.org/pibetaphi/SFContent.aspx?id=2696).

Sigma Kappa (ΣΚ)

If alumnae of Sigma Kappa wish to write a letter of recommendation they can do so on sigmakappa.org.  At the bottom of the home page, there is a tab that says "Recommend a Member."  Alumnae of Sigma Kappa will then be able to log in and refer a member to the Sigma Kappa chapter at UNR.  Those referrals will then be sent to the chapter.