Nu Alpha Kappa

Founded: February 26, 1988
Founding at Nevada:  April 17, 2004
Founding Principles: Our pillars Cultura, Academics, and Brotherhood give our organization the foundation to succeed as college students. Being a Latino based fraternity culture is very important, and we encompass all cultures nationally and locally. Being a college student you should have one goal in mind, to graduate! We have a huge support system in the Reno area, and we pride ourselves with the education we receive here at they University of Nevada-Reno campus. Our organization believes in strong brotherhood, and that begins with our active chapter, and our local Alumni chapter. Together we form Nu Alpha Kappa, inc. a fraternity that comes together and believe in strong relations in college and many years after.
Mission: We, NU ALPHA KAPPA, seek to unite and involve all students in a more harmonious and brotherly atmosphere through academic, social and cultural means.
New Member Dues: $125
Active Member Dues: $250
New Member Period: 70+ Days
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