Outstanding Fraternity/Sorority Member

An outstanding Fraternity/Sorority Member exemplifies the values of the Nevada Fraternity and Sorority Community: scholarship, service, unity, and leadership development. This award will be given to one fraternity member and one sorority member.

Please attach the nominee's resume including their involvement within their organization and the FSL community. Address the following statements; please limit your answers to 250 words.

  • Describe the nominee's role within their organization? What responsibilities does the nominee have?  What other positions has the nominee held, if applicable?
  • Please provide one specific example of the nominee positively contributing to their organization or the fraternity and sorority community.
  • How does the nominee challenge the status quo in their organization or the fraternity and sorority community?
  • How have the nominee's actions and practice of their organizations' values impacted their organization? How do they embody our fraternity and sorority community values, as stated above?
  • Please share an instance when the nominee had to make a difficult decision and they stood behind their beliefs and values.

Apply for Outstanding Fraternity/Sorority Member