Risk Management

The Risk Management Award recognizes a Greek chapter that has shown excellence in promoting and ensuring its members' safety and contributed to the safety and welfare of the larger Greek Community.

  1. The chapter elects or appoints an officer whose primary responsibility is to educate members about and enforce chapter policies regarding risk management.
    • Documentation: An official officer description AND/OROfficer goals and objectives.
  2. The chapter has up-to-date written policies regarding risk reduction and management that include established methods of enforcement and that prohibit the use of illegal substances.
    • Documentation: A copy of the policies AND/OREvidence of their adoption and/or revision (e.g. meeting minutes that include the passage of bylaws, evidence of revisions to the constitution or bylaws).
  3. The chapter educates members about risk management issues.
    • Documentation: Evidence of chapter programming or member attendance at Greek-wide or university programming related to risk management issues.
  4. The chapter sponsors at least two alcohol-free social events for members per semester.
    • Documentation: Evidence of events.
  5. If the chapter sponsors or co-sponsors events where alcohol is present, party/sober monitors are assigned to ensure the safety of all members and that risk management policies are being followed.
    • Documentation: Evidence of monitors in attendance.
  6. Party/sober monitors receive training or are made aware of their chapter's risk management policies.
    • Documentation: Evidence of information sessions, training, or education for monitors.
  7. The chapter implements programming regarding issues of sexual abuse and harassment and/or chapter members attend programs or workshops about preventing sexual abuse and harassment.
    • Documentation: Evidence of chapter programming for members AND/OREvidence of members' attendance at Greek-wide or university workshops (e.g. Greek-sponsored speakers or workshops).
  8. The chapter has adopted anti-hazing resolutions or policies.
    • Documentation: A copy of the resolution or policy AND/OREvidence of procedure or actual enforcement.
  9. The chapter provides anti-hazing programming or workshops to non-new members (initiated, general members).
    • Documentation: Evidence of the program or workshop (e.g. flyer, sign-in sheet) AND/OR The material covered during the program or workshop.
  10. The chapter has improved or implemented a new policy or program in the area of risk management.
    • Documentation: Evidence of improvement or implementation of new policy/program.

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