The Philanthropy Award recognizes a fraternity or sorority that has made outstanding contributions in the area of philanthropy. Philanthropy is defined by the programming implemented to support charitable organizations.

  1. The chapter elects or appoints an officer whose primary responsibility is planning, implementing, and coordinating the chapter's philanthropy.
    • Documentation: An official officer description AND/OR Officer goals and objectives.
  2. The chapter plans and implements at least two philanthropic programs/events.
    • Documentation: Evidence of implementation of program/event AND/OR Evidence of attendance and money raised at events.
  3. The chapter co-sponsors one or more philanthropic events with other fraternities or sororities.
    • Documentation: Evidence/summary of the philanthropic event and/or organization involvement AND/OR Summary of attendance and money raised at the event(s).
  4. Chapter members participate in philanthropic events sponsored by other fraternities/sororities and/or non-Greek organizations (university or community organizations, on or off campus).
    • Documentation: Evidence of chapter members' involvement.
  5. The chapter makes donations to its national and/or local philanthropic organizations.
    • Documentation: Evidence of donations.
  6. The chapter has a policy that prohibits the use of alcohol, drugs, inappropriate sexual conduct, or tobacco at any philanthropic event.
    • Documentation: Copy of the written policy AND/OR Evidence of the policy's adaptation by the chapter (e.g. member education before event, strategies for incorporation during event).
  7. The chapter has improved a philanthropic event/program or implemented a new philanthropic event/program.
    • Documentation: Evidence/summary of program and improvements.

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