Member Education and Development

This award recognizes chapters that have established and implemented a comprehensive Member Education Programming that teaches, reflects, and demonstrates the principles and ideals that Greek organizations were founded upon, including academic excellence, community service, personal development, citizenship, and friendship.

  1. The chapter elects or appoints an officer whose main responsibilities include the planning and implementation of educational programming for chapter's members.
    • Documentation: An official officer description AND/OR Officer goals and objectives.
  2. The chapter clearly communicates to members their specific duties and chapter expectations.
    • Documentation: Evidence of communication to all members.
  3. The chapter has a specific calendar of events pertaining to all members, including new member activities, which is clearly communicated to all members.
    • Documentation: Evidence of schedule of events AND/OR Evidence of communication to members
  4. The chapter incorporates its history and values in creative and effective ways for member education activities and events.
    • Documentation: Summary of chapter's history and values AND/OR Evidence of their integration in new member education activities
  5. The chapter has an established and successful mentoring program.
    • Documentation: Evidence of mentoring program (e.g. photos) AND/OR Big/Little Week Guide/Schedule AND/OR Photos.
  6. The chapter provides resources and programming to members to encourage and support their academic performance.
    • Documentation: Evidence of scholarship resources and programming provided to all members.
  7. The chapter provides education about alcohol and drug use and sexual abuse.
    • Documentation: Evidence of education (e.g. workshops, programming) AND/OR Evidence of attendance by new members.
  8. The chapter provides education to members on hazing awareness, prevention, and consequences.
    • Documentation: Evidence of education or programming AND/OR Evidence of attendance by members.
  9. The chapter has improved an area of member programming or implemented new programming.
    • Documentation: Evidence or summary of new or improved programming.

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