Cross-Council Interaction

This award recognizes a chapter that is dedicated to interaction with chapters in another council. Chapter members promote overall Greek Community unity by working to support and interact with members of the entire Greek Community.

  1. The chapter elects or appoints an officer whose responsibilities include planning and implementation of interaction between its chapter and chapters of other councils within the Greek Community.
    • Documentation: An official officer description AND/OR Officer goals and objectives.
  2. The chapter plans and hosts at least one event per semester with a chapter from at least one other council.
    • Documentation: Evidence of implementation of the event(s) AND/OR Evidence of member participation.
  3. The chapter educates its members on the principles and practices of other councils and individual chapters from other councils.
    • Documentation: Evidence of education (e.g. presentation, discussion).
  4. The chapter encourages its members to attend events sponsored by chapters from other councils.
    • Documentation: Evidence of communication, encouragement, and education.

Apply for the Cross-Council Interaction Award