Alumni/Alumnae Relations

This award recognizes chapter excellence in alumni/alumnae relations, especially a chapter's consistent effort and programming to remain connected to members with alumni/alumnae status.

  1. The chapter elects or appoints an officer whose main responsibilities include the planning and implementation of alumni/alumnae relations programming.
    • Documentation: An official officer description Officer goals and objectives.
  2. The chapter offers opportunities, such as events or mentoring programs, to their alumni/alumnae members throughout the year.
    • Documentation: Evidence of implementation of event or programming.
  3. The chapter produces a newsletter with regular updates and a variety of subject areas that is sent out to all alumni/alumnae throughout the year.
    • Documentation: Evidence of newsletter or regular updates AND/OR Evidence of communication sent to alumni/alumnae members.
  4. The chapter takes specific action and provides resources to encourage recent graduates to remain active through alumni/alumnae involvement.
    • Documentation: Evidence of resources or communication.
  5. The chapter has improved an area of alumni/alumnae relations or implemented a new program in alumni/alumnae relations.
    • Documentation: Evidence or summary of new or improved programming.

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