Individual Applications

Please complete your award application by submitting answers and relevant documentation.  Application forms will be closed on Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at 5:00 p.m.

Awards will be announced at the Fraternity and Sorority Banquet in the Spring 2018 semester, exact time/date TBD.


For the Individual Awards, you may nominate yourself or another person.  The awards recognize individual service and accomplishments between January and December 2017 (the 2017 calendar year, includes Spring 2017, Summer 2017, and Fall 2017 semesters). 


  • Note word limits, which are indicated for each question.
  • Be specific and provide examples.
  • In order to make your nomination stand out to the judges, give particular details about the nominee's accomplishments and avoid generalizations.
  • Certain awards allow for you to upload optional documentation, however this will help you stand out throughout the judging process.
  • Keep in mind that the judges will consider events and accomplishments that occurred only between January and December 2017.
  • Please indicate the nominee's name and organization.

Outstanding Chapter Advisor

This award is presented to an Outstanding Advisor. Please note that any person who serves as an advisor for your chapter can be nominated for this award (e.g. recruitment, financial, housing corporation advisor).  Each chapter can nominate one advisor. 

Respond to the four questions below to nominate an Outstanding Chapter Advisor.  Please limit each answer to 250 words.  

  • Describe the advisor's roles. What are the advisor's responsibilities?  How long has this person served as an advisor?
  • How has your advisor maintained positive relations among chapter members through his/her knowledge of issues related to Fraternity & Sorority Life at the University of Nevada, Reno
  • How has this advisor impacted your chapter and its members?  Specifically address how the advisor assists in the pursuit of chapter goals.
  • Describe any additional information that you feel is appropriate regarding your nomination. 
    Apply for Outstanding Chapter Advisor!

Outstanding New Member

This award is presented to a new member who has shown great involvement and support within his/her chapter and the university.  This student also shows great potential for future contributions to the Fraternity and Sorority Community.  This student was a new member during the Spring 2017 or Fall 2017 semester. 

Provide a brief statement answering the following question; please limit your answer to 500 words. 

  • Describe the new member's involvement in the chapter and in community activities.  Include any leadership roles held in the chapter or other university organizations.  In what ways has this new member actively contributed to and made a difference in the chapter and the FSL Community?  

    Apply for Outstanding New Member!

Outstanding Fraternity/Sorority Member

An outstanding Fraternity Member exemplifies the values of the Nevada Fraternity and Sorority Community: scholarship, service, unity, and leadership development. This award will be given to one fraternity member and one sorority member.

Please attach the nominee's resume including their involvement within their organization and the FSL community. Address the following statements; please limit your answers to 250 words.

  • Describe the nominee's role within their organization? What responsibilities does the nominee have?  What other positions has the nominee held, if applicable?
  • Please provide one specific example of the nominee positively contributing to their organization or the fraternity and sorority community.
  • How does the nominee challenge the status quo in their organization or the fraternity and sorority community?
  • How have the nominee's actions and practice of their organizations values impacted their organization? How do they embody our fraternity and sorority community values, as stated above?
  • Please share an instance when the nominee had to make a difficult decision and they stood behind their beliefs and values.
    Apply for Outstanding Fraternity/Sorority Member!

Outstanding Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Award recognizes a member of a fraternity or sorority for outstanding contributions made in the area of community service.  This individual encourages fellow chapter members to get involved with local community organizations and educates members about the values and benefits of involvement in the Reno community. 

Address the following statement; please limit your answer to 500 words.

  • Explain the nominee's involvement and how it has contributed to the community and/or explain in detail the nominee's most significant community service project and describe how this positively affected the community.
    Apply for Outstanding Community Outreach!

Order of Omega Outstanding Leader

This award is presented to a student who provides exceptional leadership and personal commitment within their chapter and the Fraternity and Sorority Community as well as participates in university and/or student government-sponsored leadership opportunities.  This student possesses strong competency for self-awareness and interpersonal communication.  This student also supports learning and development of others, fosters deliberation and bridge building, honors context and culture, and moves ideas into actions. All applicants must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA when applying.

Please attach the nominee's resume including their involvement within their organization, the FSL community and on campus. Address the following statements; please limit your answers to 250 words.

  • How does the nominee positively represent their respective council's values?
  • Please provide an instance where the nominee used their effective leadership style.
  • How does the nominee collaborate with others to achieve goals?
  • Please list other organizations the nominee is affiliated with, including leadership positions they have held if applicable.
  • Please share an instance in which the nominee has worked to improve relations between the FSL community and other groups on campus.
    Apply for Order of Omega Outstanding Leader!

Gamma Sigma Alpha Outstanding Scholar

This award is presented to a member of a Greek organization who has excelled scholastically.  This member serves as a model Greek Scholar while also working towards his/her future goals.  Please attach a copy of the nominee's most current transcript.

Provide a brief statement answering the following questions; please limit your answer to 500 words. 

  • What are the nominee's academic achievements?  How has being affiliated with a fraternity or sorority impacted or developed the nominee's academic achievements and intellectual growth?
    Apply for Gamma Sigma Alpha Outstanding Scholar!

Outstanding Chapter President

This award is presented to one outstanding chapter president from each of the three councils- PHC, IFC, and MGC.  An outstanding chapter president demonstrates exceptional leadership and acts as a role model within their chapter, the FSL Community, and the University of Nevada, Reno campus.

Please attach the nominee's resume including their involvement within their organization.. Provide a brief statement answering the following question; please limit your answer to 500 words.

  • Describe the nominee's accomplishments while serving as a chapter president.
  • How have these accomplishments positively impacted the chapter, the FSL Community, and the University of Nevada, Reno campus?
  • How does the nominee's actions and practices of our community values impact their organization and our community?
    Apply for Outstanding Chapter President!

Most Influential Member 

This award is presented to one member from each council who is an excellent example of their organization's values.  Not only are they supportive of their brothers/sisters, but they demonstrate positive relationships with other organizations within all three councils. They may not have held an executive board position, but they continue to have a positive impact on your organization and its members.

Provide a brief statement responding to the following statement; please limit your answer to 500 words.

  • Please describe specific ways that the nominee demonstrates extraordinary enthusiasm and pride for their organization as well as the FSL community. In addition, explain how they are a role model for fellow members and project a positive image of our community on campus.
    Apply for Most Influential Member!

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