Student safety

The University of Nevada, Reno puts your safety first, and promotes a campus environment that is equitable, safe and free from discrimination.

  • Campus Escort

    Need a safe, reliable ride back to your apartment after a late class or activity? Pull up the TapRide app and request a free ride from Campus Escort. Campus Escort offers on-demand rides every evening, seven days a week, from the University to destinations within three miles from campus. Campus Escort also offers a fixed-route evening shuttle to popular locations on and around campus, including parking lots and apartment complexes.

    Campus Escort Program

    Evening Campus Shuttle

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  • Nevada Cares

    Who said talking about consent and sex has to be awkward and intimidating? It doesn’t! Nevada CARES is a program dedicated to changing the culture on our campus, and changing the way we talk about consent, sex, relationships, and prevention. The goal is to prevent sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking (interpersonal violence). Nevada CARES shifts the way that we view consent, promoting an understanding that consent is a tool for having great relationships. Nevada CARES also provides workshops and trainings on how to be a part of the solution as an active bystander.

    Nevada CARES is available for your student club or organization, class, or team to provide a space for dialogue and practical skills on how we can work together to change the culture around consent. To find out how or to get involved in our Peer Program, visit our website and follow @nvcares on Instagram and Twitter.

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  • Campus Police

    University Police keep our campus community safe. University Police personnel are sworn peace officers, performing the same services as those of any municipal police agency. They investigate all crimes and enforce federal, state and local laws within the campus jurisdiction. Officers are on duty 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

    University Police

  • Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX

    The Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX (EO/TIX) works to ensure that you have the right to an education and to work and advance in employment on the basis of merit, ability, and potential without fear of discrimination. The EO/TIX office aims to foster an equitable campus environment by promoting and integrating the principles of equal opportunity, nondiscrimination, and safety throughout the campus community. They raise awareness of equity and educate faculty, staff, and students on sexual harassment and sexual assault response and prevention, and campus resources. The EO/TIX office investigates allegations of discrimination and harassment, maintains a 24-hour sexual assault/sexual misconduct reporting hotline (775-784-1030), and houses the Campus Victim Advocate, the Title IX Coordinator, ADA Coordinator and resources for Undocumented Students.

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