Food and dining resources for students

Nevada Dining feeds the Pack – with delicious, healthy options for every diet and meal plans that suit every student.

  • Meal plans

    Students can maximize their dining experience by signing up for one of four meal plans. Each plan offers a fixed number of meal swipes per week as well as FoodBucks – money that can be spent at retail locations anywhere on campus. Our meal plans offer versatility, convenience, and value.

    Foodbucks come with all meal plans and work like cash. Funds are deposited into your account as part of your Meal Plan and can be used to purchase food and snacks anywhere on campus. These, along with swipes, are loaded onto your WolfCard.

    Meal trades add greater flexibility to your meal plan. A meal trade is an exchange of one swipe for a predetermined meal package at a Nevada dining retail location and can be used twice a day. The swipe transaction removes one swipe from your weekly balance- Just like was being used in the dining hall. Meal trades do not take money away from your existing Foodbucks balance. With Meal Trade, your meal plan is completely portable and convenient. No need to trek across campus. Use your meal plan wherever you are. Meal trade helps you get the maximum value from each dollar of the meal plan.

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  • Pack Provisions

    Pack Provisions provides access to perishable and non-perishable foods, meals on campus, school supplies, hygiene items and more to students in need. Further, Pack Provisions can direct visitors to a variety of other helpful resources on and off campus. Any student, full-time or part-time, may request aid. You can request assistance by sending an email to

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