Have cool experiences at the University

College is your chance to follow your curiosity, take risks, and have some seriously cool experiences. From studying overseas to working in a lab to interning for a startup, there’s more opportunity than you can imagine.

  • ASUN internships

    Your student government offers internships through the ASUN Internship Program, with placements in Government Relations, Clubs and Orgs, Diversity and Inclusion, Programming, and the Judicial, Legislative, and Executive branches.

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  • NevadaFIT mentor information

    All eight academic colleges hire students as Pack Mentors to guide new students through the NevadaFIT boot camps that take place the week before school starts. Pack Mentors are assigned a group of seven students in the same NevadaFIT boot camp. Packs and Pack Mentors are an important part of the NevadaFIT experience and the intensive transition to the university. Positions open every spring, and the job takes place in August.

    NevadaFIT Mentors

  • Orientation guides

    Orientation Guides get paid to spend summer living on campus and leading all Orientation programs for new students and their families. The experience is exhausting, incredibly fun, and an opportunity to grow as a campus leader. The Office of New Student Initiatives begins the process of hiring Orientation Guides in January every year.

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  • Pack internships

    Want to get paid to learn the ropes through a professional internship at a local nonprofit or startup business? The Pack Internship Grant Program provides funding for 60+ individual student internships with local businesses, nonprofits and public agencies every spring. The Career Studio helps employers develop substantive internships exclusively for University of Nevada, Reno students.

    Pack interns earn $12/hour for 120 hours during spring semester. Hours are distributed differently at each internship - employers and interns work together to determine an appropriate schedule.

    The application period typically runs from October to the beginning of November each year for internships that take place spring semester. Check the career events calendar for an upcoming info session to learn everything you need to know - or just drop by the Career Studio for expert guidance, resources and support as you work on application materials.

    Pack Internship Program

  • Student ambassadors and campus visits

    Nevada Student Ambassadors are student leaders who volunteer to promote the University of Nevada, Reno experience to prospective students and their families, through campus tours, Nevada Bound events, and other recruitment programs. To apply for the Amby Team, visit the Welcome Center on the first floor of the Joe and ask when the next info session will be held.

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  • Study abroad

    Studying abroad has proven benefits -- both professionally and personally. From participating in career-enhancing internships to building an international network of friends, USAC is committed to making study abroad a part of your college experience. You can use your time overseas to complete a minor in a language, earn credit for an internship, take courses not available at the University of Nevada, Reno, and complete general education or specific degree requirements.

    As a not-for-profit organization, USAC has provided affordable, authentic, and high-quality academic programs since 1982. USAC offers 50+ locations in 27 countries where students grow into global citizens through field trips, integrated living, language partners, sports, internships, and volunteer and service-learning opportunities. USAC believes studying abroad is an integral, necessary part of today’s education, and not just a luxury available for a privileged few, which is why we offer over $2 million in scholarships and discounts annually. It’s never too early to start exploring your study abroad options. Visit the website to review programs and pricing, or drop by USAC’s Advising Center, located in the Virginia Street Gym, to chat with a Program Advisor.

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  • Undergraduate research

    The University of Nevada, Reno offers undergraduate research opportunities in many areas. Whether your interests are in the arts, sciences, journalism, education or another field, our office is here to help you expand your experience, prepare for the future, and find your passion through research with a faculty mentor.

    The Pack Research Experience Program (PREP) provides research and creative activity experiences to freshmen and sophomores who have been historically underrepresented in undergraduate research. Additional funded opportunities are available for students who want to research community-based problems, students who want to design their own research project, STEM research at universities around the world, and honors students completing a thesis. 

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