Choosing a major and classes

Finding your academic fit in the right major and the right courses is a big deal. Academic advisors help you navigate these decisions so you stay on track to graduate in four years.

  • Academic advising

    As a new first-year student at the University, your first academic advising will take place during summer Orientation. Until you attend Orientation and meet in person with the advising team in your college, you will not have the ability to make changes to your class schedule.

    At Orientation, advisors will help you understand why you’re enrolled in the classes listed on your schedule, and whether it’s appropriate to make changes. Once you start college, you will need to make an appointment with your academic advisor every semester in order to register for classes.

    You should see your advisor:

    • Every semester prior to your registration date
    • To discuss academic progress
    • To find out more about a particular major or minor
    • To discuss any problems that might affect your academic performance
    • To discuss dropping a class, and the possible impact from your decision (financial aid, full-time status, etc.)
    • To discuss graduate and professional options and receive appropriate referrals
    • To monitor progress toward graduation

    Orientation academic advising

  • Summer Freshman Start

    Summer Freshman Start is an opportunity for incoming freshmen to complete degree requirements before the fall semester. Summer courses are offered in many subjects, including math, English and 100- or 200-level classes that satisfy core requirements needed for your degree. Taking classes in the summer allows you to get an early start on your education, while enjoying free outdoor events and the beauty of campus during the summer months.

    Summer Freshman Start Information

  • Online, summer and wintermester classes

    365 Learning offers course credit options outside of the traditional fall and spring semesters. 365 Learning is the University of Nevada, Reno’s comprehensive answer to providing access to education 365 days of the year. Through a variety of diverse programs, students have access to high-quality university-level courses around the year and around the clock. Summer and winter classes, weekend and evening classes, face-to-face or online. Tuition awards are available for summer and winter courses. 

    365 Learning

  • Pre-professional advising

    Are you thinking about med school, dental school, law school, or something similar? The Pre-Professional advising team supports students who are exploring or pursuing career interests in the healthcare or law professions. They assist you in understanding what the academic preparation looks like, help you navigate the application process, and give you an idea of what admissions evaluator look for in their applicants.

    Pre-professional advising information

  • Registering for classes

    New first-year students are registered for classes by the advising team in their college after completing the advanced registration process and before attending Orientation. Until you attend Orientation and meet in person with the advising team in your college, you will not have the ability to make changes to your class schedule. In all subsequent semesters, students register themselves for classes through MyNEVADA.

    Here’s what new students need to know about class registration after their first semester:

    If a class requires "department consent," you will need to contact the department directly for permission to enroll. Special requests for pre-requisite or full course overrides will also go directly to the department. Once the department electronically grants permission, you may register within MyNEVADA as usual. Up through the end of the drop/add period each term, you may add, drop, or swap classes in MyNEVADA.

    Registering for classes is based upon your standing at the university and your last name, with enrollment appointments being randomly assigned within each standing level. Check your MyNEVADA to find your individual enrollment appointment. Any holds on your record must be cleared before you can register for classes. All holds will appear in your MyNEVADA Student Center under "Holds.” Clicking for details and on each hold will provide you information on any hold you have on your record as actions needed to clear the hold