Getting help to succeed in class

Successful students don't do it alone. Free tutoring and other support in almost any subject means that you can get help with your classwork before it gets the best of you.

  • Disability Resource Center

    The Disability Resource Center serves students with disabilities, providing access to all university programs and services. The DRC works with students to arrange classroom accommodations for your disability.

    Accommodations may include (but are not limited to) the following:

    • Technologies to assist learning
    • Alternative media and course materials
    • Alternative testing
    • Auxiliary aids (for deaf and hard of hearing)
    • Note-taking services
    • Classroom aids and accommodations
    • Serving as a liaison with faculty and other campus entities
    • Referrals to campus and community services

    The DRC is located in the Pennington Student Achievement Center, Suite 230.

    Disability Resource Center

  • Instructor office hours

    All professors set aside certain hours every week just to meet with students taking their classes. Office hours are always listed at the top of a course syllabus, along with notes about whether to make an appointment or just drop in. You don't need a big, fancy reason to use your professor's office hours. They want you to come in with questions about assignments, comments about something you covered in class, or even just to chat. Students who make time to meet with their professors during office hours tend to do better in their classes and develop stronger relationships within their department.

  • University Math Center

    Math doesn't have to hurt. Any student can drop by the University Math Center in the Pennington Student Achievement Center, Suite 300 for free, on-demand help with your math homework. The Math Center is a drop-in tutoring lab for students seeking help with mathematical or statistical concepts. No appointment is necessary, and there is no limit to how many times you can visit the lab during the semester or how long you stay. The lab is equipped with 40 computer stations so students can work on online homework as well as traditional assignments. Additionally, the University Math Center holds review sessions for exams in courses from Math 095 to Math 330. Typically these sessions are 90 minutes and are held the day before and the day of the exam.

    Visit the Math Center

  • NevadaPASS

    Nevada PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) is a nationally recognized program to provide assistance in some of the more difficult classes on campus. PASS Leaders who have successfully completed the class in a previous semester will attend class in order to stay current on the material being covered. PASS leaders hold multiple weekly sessions outside of class, providing a guided study atmosphere for any students who want the extra support. All sessions are free, optional, and do not require advance registration. 

    Learn more about NevadaPASS

  • University Tutoring Center

    The University Tutoring Center’s peer tutors help students master concepts while learning reasoning skills and tips and tricks to make learning easier. The Tutoring Center offers free one-on-one tutoring in almost any class, walk-in labs for unscheduled help from peer tutors, and weekly small group sessions. The NV PASS (Peer-Assisted Study Session) program offers targeted support sessions for historically difficult courses in the sciences, math, business, engineering, foreign language, and more. Visit the Tutoring Center in the Pennington Student Achievement Center, call (775) 784-6801, or visit the website to get started.

    University Tutoring Center Homepage

  • University Writing and Speaking Center

    The University of Nevada, Reno Writing & Speaking Center is dedicated to developing writers and speakers/presenters. They offer judgement free writing and speech/presentation consultations to all undergraduate and graduate students. Consultations range from 30 minutes to one hour for undergraduates and up to two hours for graduate students. Consultation can be for academic, creative, career, business, and personal writing, speeches, and presentations. During consultations, students will be actively engaged in discussion and thinking critically about their projects.

    Consultants are undergraduate and graduate students from a range of academic disciplines, including psychology, journalism, biology, writing, history, accounting, speech pathology, and TESOL. The Writing & Speaking Center is prepared to help students during any stage of the writing or speech/presentation process: brainstorming, planning, drafting, organization, revision, and editing. Located in the Pennington Student Achievement Center, the University Writing & Speaking Center offers a space where all students are welcomed to come and work on their projects. They have a 14-computer lab with a printer, as well as consultants available to answer questions for anyone who drops in.

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