External Scholarship Searches

Many scholarships are offered each year by a variety of non-university affiliated community and private organizations such as fraternal organizations, civic or religious groups, professional, trade or governmental organizations, or private foundations. The award criteria for these scholarships are as varied as the number of organizations offering them and the award amounts range from small annual scholarships to multi-year awards worth thousands of dollars.  If you are looking for instructions on how to remit scholarships from an outside organization to the University of Nevada, Reno, please review our Information for External Organizations.

Applying for external scholarships can be time-consuming but because of the wide variety of available awards many diligent applicants are successful in securing some funding. In order to be successful, start your search as early as possible and search often. Do not pay for any financial aid or scholarship applications or search services; all scholarship applications are free. Check out these Scholarship essay writing tips.

A listing of external and community scholarships reviewed by our office with those frequently awarded to our students near the top.  Many of our students receive scholarships administered by Scholarship AMERICA so please check their scholarship offerings and apply!

Another way to search for scholarships is to use specialized scholarship search sites on the web. The ones listed here are among the most popular search sites.  We remind you that you should never pay for a scholarship search or to apply for any scholarship.

The Center for Student Cultural Diversity maintains a list of external scholarships which may benefit students who consider themselves first generation, LBGT or ethnically diverse.

Students with DACA status and unauthorized immigrants should apply for these external scholarships.