Tribal Higher Education Program

Assistance is available for students from tribal backgrounds

The Native American Alumni Scholarship Application is part of the Graduate & Undergraduate Scholarship Application available in MyNEVADA Supplemental Forms annually between November and February 1.

Tribal Contacts

Higher Education Program

The Center: Every Student. Every Story
Coordinator: Saundra Mitrovich
Joe Crowley Student Union 314/MS 144
Reno, Nevada 89557
Telephone: (775) 784-6499 or Fax: (775) 682-8977

Tribal Higher Education Program
Financial Needs Analysis Form

The Northern Nevada American Indian Higher Education Collaborative has approved a needs-analysis form to be used to apply for tribal financial assistance. It is a common form that will be used by most of our Northern Nevada Tribes. Prior to submitting this form to our office, be sure that you have successfully submitted your FAFSA.  Click on the link above and save the form to your computer. Open the saved copy on your computer and then print.  The document is not currently a fillable pdf, so it must be handwritten and submitted. A fillable pdf has been requested from the collaborative.

  • Checklist:
    • Submit your FAFSA application for the new academic year.
    • Check MyNEVADA to be sure you have a completed financial aid file.
    • As an entering freshman or transfer student, be sure you have been admitted to the institution.
  • Timeline for the University's document submissions
    • The FAFSA is available October 1st and eligible students who submit before February 1st receive priority for state and institutional need-based grant funds.
    • On February 1st, the Graduate & Undergraduate Scholarship Application located within MyNEVADA at the Student Center/Supplemental forms closes
      • New Freshman and transfer students who are admitted before January 30th are encouraged to complete the Graduate & Undergraduate Scholarship application
    • June 15 – Deadline for students to pay the $250 Advanced Registration Fee in MyNEVADA and to submit documents on the To Do List to Student Financial Aid & Scholarships in order to obtain a financial aid offer prior to the fall fee due date.
    • Expect document processing in the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships to take 10 business days.