Bylaws for Western Area Cooperative Extension University of Nevada, Reno

  • Approved by Western Area Faculty 12/7/00. Revisions approved 3/26/01
  • Approved by Western Area Director 12/19/00. Revisions approved 4/19/01
  • Approved by the Dean and Director of Cooperative Extension 6/1/01
  • Revised as recommended by the Senate Executive Board 3/4/02
  • Approved by the UNR President (pending).

Table of Contents


Mission Statement

The Western Area's mission is to discover, develop, disseminate, preserve, and use knowledge to strengthen the social, economic, and environmental well being of the people.


Part 1 — Introduction

Chapter I — Bylaws


Part 2 — Organization and administrative structure

Chapter I — Units


Chapter II — Administration


Chapter III — Faculty


Part 3 — Faculty personnel policies

Chapter I — Faculty rights


Chapter II — Grievances


Chapter III — Professional responsibilities, evaluation, and personnel recommendations


Chapter IV — Tenure


Chapter V — Nonreappointment, dismissal, termination, and changes in contractual status


Chapter VI — Search procedures