Bylaws of the Southern Area Cooperative Extension University of Nevada, Reno


Mission statement

The mission of University of Nevada Cooperative Extension–Southern Area is to enhance the quality of life for all people in our changing desert communities through interdisciplinary education and research.


Part 1 — Introduction

Chapter I — Bylaws


Part 2 — Organization and administrative structure

Chapter I — Southern Area


Chapter II — Administration


Chapter III — Faculty


Part 3 — Faculty personnel policies

Chapter I — Faculty rights


Chapter II — Grievances


Chapter III — Professional responsibilities, evaluation, and personnel recommendations


Chapter IV — Tenure


Chapter V — Non-reappointment, dismissal, termination,and changes in contractual status

The procedures for non-reappointment, dismissal, termination for financial exigency or curricular reasons (NSHE Code, Subsections 5.4.5 through 5.4.7) including the notice and appeals process, sabbatical leave, and changes in contracted status shall follow those procedures outlined in Part 3, Chapter V, Sections 53-60 of the UNR Bylaws.


Chapter VI — Appointment of administrators and search procedures

Reviewed by Faculty Senate March 4, 2002
Approved by Southern Area Faculty May 23, 2002
Approved by Area Director May 24, 2002
Approved by Dean June 4, 2002
Approved by Southern Area Faculty July 27, 2007
Approved by Southern Area Director September 1, 2007
Approved by Southern Area Faculty July 2, 2008
Approved by the Southern Area Director July 3, 2008
Approved by Dean February 6, 2009