Bylaws of the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering

  • University of Nevada, Reno
  • Approved by the Department Faculty on April 13, 2021
  • Approved by the Dean of the College of Engineering on October 13, 2021

Table of Contents


1. Preliminaries

These Bylaws are subordinate to the established policies and Bylaws of the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE), the University of Nevada, Reno (the University), and the College of Engineering (COENG).

The Faculty of the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department (hereinafter, Department) are required to adhere to these Bylaws to ensure for the orderly governance and functioning of the Department. The Bylaws shall apply for the organization, department structure, personnel policies, and with special attention to the functions of the Department Chairperson (hereinafter, Chair), any elected official, and governance committees.


II. Bylaws Adoption and Amendment

Adoption and amendment of these Bylaws shall be in accordance with the provisions outlined by the University and by approval (quorum required) of the faculty of the Department and the Dean of the College of Engineering.

Any Eligible Voter of the department (defined below in Section 3.1) may propose amendments or changes to the Bylaws in writing at least one week prior to presentation as a motion for vote at a faculty meeting. Amendments shall be approved by using the normal voting policies with the exception of requiring a confidential vote and a majority of at least two-thirds of votes cast by Eligible Voters for passage. Any changes to the Bylaws shall in no way conflict with the College of Engineering Bylaws nor with the University Bylaws and the NSHE Code.


3. Voting


4. Department Chair

The Chair shall exercise the authority vested in this position by University policies and shall act as the representative of the faculty to the administration and vice-versa. The Chair shall have the responsibility for administering the Department functions and is considered a member of the department. The Chair may engage and guide deliberations on motions or votes (or delegate to committees) but the circumstances of their votes are restricted as described in Section 3.1.

The Department Chair shall be a member of the Tenure Track Academic faculty of the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department. The initial term of office of the Chair shall be five (5) years and may be renewed for additional term(s) every three-years thereafter. The Chair’s performance shall be reviewed by the faculty and the Dean of Engineering annually per standard UNR practice.


5. Department Structure and Operations

The CME department administers two distinct academic disciplines: chemical engineering, CHE and materials science and engineering, MSE.


6. Department Personnel