Bylaws of the department of Art

  • University of Nevada, Reno
  • Approved by the Dean May 7, 2015

Table of Contents


Chapter I: Bylaws


Chapter II: Mission

The mission of the Department of Art is to provide a program of instruction dedicated to excellence in the Visual Arts and Art History.   The department offers a Bachelor of Arts Studio degree to majors in Art, a Bachelor of Arts degree to majors in Art History and a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees with emphases in cross-disciplinary practices. 

The department contributes to the University mission through its course offerings, its research and creativity activity, and its service.  The creative process involves skills that are fundamental to future professional activities in the Visual Arts and Art History.  Faculty are dedicated to an environment that encourages excellence in education, scholarly and creative activities, outreach, and service to the community.


Chapter III: Administrative Structure


Chapter IV: Faculty Definitions and Voting Rights


Chapter V: Organization of the Department of Art


Chapter VI: Faculty Performance and Evaluation: Department of Art