Cinema and Media Studies

The interdisciplinary minor in Cinema & Media Studies introduces students to a variety of approaches to analyzing film and related media through the study of directors, genres, film style, film theory, aesthetic theories and relationships between media and society. While housed in the department of English, this minor offers students the opportunity to take film and media-related coursework in many other fields.

Minor Requirements (18 units)

  • English 202: Film Analysis & Interpretation (3 units)
  • Five courses chosen from the list of approved film-related courses (see below) (15 units)

Approved Electives

Below is a partial list of approved electives. For other possible electives, please contact the CMS committee chairs for approval (Dr. Katherine Fusco,, or Dr. Mike Branch, Once the suggested course is approved, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies (Dr. Ann Keniston, to have the new course added to the list of approved electives. 

Please note that some courses in this list may not be offered every semester, or even every year. For more information about when a particular course might be offered, please contact the department in question, or discuss with your advisor.

ART 151: Introduction to Time-Based Media/Videography
ART 235: Photography II: Lighting
ART 237: Photography II: Color
ART 245: Digital Media I
ART 251: Videography
ART 252: Cinema I: Silent Era
ART 253: Cinema II: Sound Era
ART 345: Sound and Image
ART 353: Cinema III: Sound Era
ART 355: Advanced Videography
ART 454: Problems in Videography (Taught Spring Semester only)
ART 475: History of Photography (Taught Spring Semester only)
COM 474: New Media and Human Communication
CRJ 433: The Prison in Cinema
CRJ 417: Police in the Cinema
CRJ 465: Sex, Crime, and the Media
EDUC 495: Film and Video Fluency for the Digital Age
ENG 437: Topics in Fillm Studies
GEOG 477: Geography and Film
HIST 417C: The West as National Experience
ITAL 494: Italian Cinema [offered through USAC Only]
JOUR 162: History of Documentary
JOUR 208: Images and Sounds
JOUR 304: Social Media and Society
JOUR 306: Latinas/Os through the Eyes of the Media
JOUR 312: Web Video for Social Engagement
JOUR 360: Media and Politics
JOUR 425: Audio: Radio, Podcasting, and Beyond
JOUR 455: Human Centered Design and Innovation
JOUR 460: News Studio -Documentary
JOUR 481: Race, Gender and Media
JOUR 490B: Very Short Videos for Advertising
MUS 425: Film Music
PHIL 201: Philosophy and Film
PSC 400F: Politics and Film
WLL 470: Multiculturalism in Literature & Film
WLL 406: Francophone Literature and Films in Translation