Apply for Teaching Assistantship


Fall TA: Jan. 15
Spring TA: Oct. 1
Applications that are not fully completed
by these deadlines will not be considered.

Teaching assistants in the English department receive an annual stipend, health insurance and a tuition waiver. Teaching assistants teach three courses per year (2/1 or 1/2 depending on departmental needs), typically in the Core Writing program. All Ph.D. students receive TA positions, generally renewed for five years, when they are accepted into the program. TA positions also are available to MA and MFA students on a competitive basis.

New applicants

New applicants to the English Graduate Program are automatically considered for a Teaching Assistantship when they apply for admission, unless the applicant specifies they do not wish to be considered. No separate application is needed.

Current Students

If openings exist, current students may apply for a teaching assistantship every semester. Students who have applied before but have not been appointed to a teaching assistantship, or who would like to apply for renewal of a short-term assistantship, must reapply.

Required Materials

  • An application letter: The letter should be specifically aimed at making clear the applicant's current experiences, qualifications, and/or ambitions as a teacher
  • Application for Teaching Assistantship: Download, fill out, and print the completed form
  • Three letters of recommendation: Letters must be written within the last year and, if possible, should address the applicant's current experiences, qualifications, and/or ambitions as a teacher. (If you plan to re-use letters from a previous application, ask Valerie Fridland to transfer them to a new application file.)
  • CV: The curriculum vitae should detail your academic and professional accomplishments to date with a specific evidence of those related to pedagogy and teaching.

Where to Submit your application

Current students should submit their TA application to Valerie Fridland, in the English Department Office by the deadlines specified above.


Email Valerie Fridland or call her at (775) 784-7546.