English Degrees Offered

Professor Ashley Marshall works with grad students

The Department of English award-winning faculty offers you the opportunity to cultivate a lifelong love affair with language and literature. Students in our department develop proficiency in critical reading, research, editing, oral presentation, writing and publication for a variety of audiences and purposes, and ability to negotiate the social, technical, and pedagogical aspects of language use and acquisition. Our graduates have pursued careers in teaching, law, publishing, management, politics, public administration, business communications, creative writing, marketing and public relations, among others.

Minor in English

The department offers five areas of minor specialization for students majoring in other fields: literature, writing, cinema and media studies, language and linguistics, and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Bachelor of Arts in English

The department offers a diverse program of undergraduate instruction. The specialization options include literature, writing, language and linguistics, and English for secondary education.

Master of Arts in English

The Master of Arts degree program of study helps students build subject-matter expertise and introduces them to the demands of graduate-level research and writing.

Master of Fine Arts

The Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing is designed for students who want to pursue a professional degree with emphases on both students' writing and graduate-level scholarship.

Doctor of Philosophy in English

Doctoral-level study offers English students the chance to conduct original research within one of the many subareas of the field of either literature or rhetoric.