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Graduate Handbook and Department Forms

Graduate Handbook

Teaching Assistantships for current graduate students (not for new graduate program applicants):

If openings exist, current students may apply for a Teaching Assistantship every semester. Students who have applied before but have not been appointed to a Teaching Assistantship, or who would like to apply for renewal of a short-term assistantship, must reapply. See below for deadlines and instructions.


  • Fall TA:  complete applications are due January 15.
  • Spring TA: complete applications are due October 1.

Applications that are not complete by these deadlines will not be considered.

Required Materials for applying for a TAship:

  • An application letter, which should be specifically aimed at making clear the applicant's current experiences, qualifications, and/or ambitions as a teacher.
  • Download, fill in, and print the completed form: TA application Form
  • Three letters of recommendation written within the last year, which if possible should address the applicant's current experiences, qualifications, and/or ambitions as a teacher. (If you plan to re-use letters from a previous application, ask Roxie Taft  to transfer them to your new application file.)
  • A current CV

Where to Submit your TA Application: 

Current students should submit their TA application to Roxie Taft, in the English Department Office by the deadlines specified above.

Departmental forms relevant for graduate students:

ENG 797 or 799 Registration Form: Students use this form to register for permission to enroll for the first time in thesis or dissertation credits in the following semester. In order to register for 797 or 799, students must already have filed a completed Program of Study with the Graduate School.

ENG 736 Approval Form: English 736 allows graduate students to earn academic credit through completing a practicum in a community, school, or university setting.

ENG 795 Registration Form: All M.A., M.F.A. and Ph.D. students must register for English 795 the semester in which they will complete their comprehensive examinations. Graduate students in the Department of English must register for one (1) credit of 795, which will be evaluated Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory and become a permanent part of their university transcripts.

ENG 790 and 791 Registration Form: English 790 and 791, Special Topics, allow graduate students to pursue independent study projects under special circumstances (for instance when department does not offer a course in a specific area of study.)

For Graduate School forms (e.g. program of study, notice of completion, application for graduation), please go to their webpage