ENG 101 Portfolio instructions and evaluations

Important: The deadline for Fall semester portfolio placements is August 1st and the deadline for Spring semester portfolio placements is December 1st.

The Placement-by-Portfolio consists of a portfolio of your writing that may effectively place you into English 102 (ENG 102), bypassing English 101 (ENG 101). The Core Writing Program, housed in the English department, will evaluate your portfolio submission. For students who have completed English 098 (ENG 098), you may include writing from your ENG 098 course. Your portfolio can contain essays from your previous courses as well as others you have written on your own. Your portfolio must include a reflective cover letter, composed specifically for your portfolio submission.

ENG 101 placement-by-portfolio instructions

  1. Review the student learning outcomes for ENG 101 on the course descriptions section of the website. Note: The essays included in your portfolio must illustrate your proficiency in meeting these outcomes. In sum, students are expected to achieve the following ENG 101 outcomes:
    1. Recognize, articulate and respond to different rhetorical contexts
    2. Practice strategies for purposeful, concrete development of topics, for example by using writing to record, explore, organize and communicate
    3. Interpret, analyze, discuss and evaluate a variety of readings
    4. Use multiple drafts and peer review to improve their own texts
    5. Use generating, organizing, revising and editing strategies that are appropriate to specific writing situations
    6. Use reflection to examine personal experience, expertise, writing process and sources to compose
    7. Write understandable, efficient sentences
    8. Control general conventions of usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation in standard written English
  2. Select three to four essays equaling a minimum of 15 double-spaced pages combined. Make sure the essays are polished, meaning as free as possible from grammatical and citation errors.
  3. Compose a single-spaced cover letter, formatted as a traditional business letter (one to two pages in length), in which you argue your case for having met, with proficiency, the learning outcomes of ENG 101. This cover letter is about showcasing your abilities to write at the collegiate level with evidence from the essays in your portfolio submission. To help you, keep the following cover letter criteria questions and advice in mind:
    1. Does the writer demonstrate the English 101 learning outcomes? You can demonstrate your understanding of the learning outcomes by making specific references to them and by describing how your work demonstrates those abilities.
    2. Does the writer use their own work as evidence? You can demonstrate the abilities described in the learning outcomes by citing specific examples in your essays as evidence of those abilities. The fuller and more detailed your explanations and analysis, the more convincing your case will be to your readers.
    3. Does the writer understand the purpose of the portfolio letter? Your purpose is to evaluate your own work thoughtfully and thoroughly, and your letter and portfolio will be placed accordingly.
    4. Has the writer composed a well-written, effectively proofread letter? Because the purpose of the portfolio letter is your self-evaluation, your letter should demonstrate your abilities as a writer. Your letter should be thoughtful, analytical and engaging. Keep in mind that your audience for this letter will be college writing instructors interested in your placement-by-portfolio submission but also interested in your readiness for ENG 102.
  4. Prepare two copies of your portfolio materials and follow these steps:
    1. Pick up an "Application for Credit by Special Exam" from Admissions and Records located in the Fitzgerald Student Services Building; return the application after obtaining all necessary signatures, pay the required fee, get a receipt and make a copy of it so that you have two copies.
    2. Place each of the two copies of your portfolio in a folder that contains two pockets.
    3. Use a heavy black marker to write your name, your instructor's full name (if applicable), and "ENG 101 Placement-by-Portfolio" on the front of each folder.
    4. Place a copy of the English 101 credit by exam checklist on top of everything on the left-hand pocket of each folder. It may serve as a table of contents to orient your readers.
    5. Place both the original receipt and the copy on top of the checklist.
    6. Submit two folders with identical material to the English department. Note: Make yourself a copy if you want one. You cannot request your portfolio back from Core Writing, and you cannot obtain a copy after submission.

ENG 101 Placement-by-Portfolio Evaluation

Students will be notified by email once the evaluation is finished. Decision letters will be available to pick up from the Department of English office, located in the Frandsen Humanities Building, room 119. Your placement is confidential and you must bring your student ID in order to pick up your letter. The English department will have the letters in sealed envelopes for each student. Note: ENG 098 students must have passed 098 with a final grade of S.