English 101 credit-by-exam


The credit-by-exam requires that students submit a portfolio of essays to determine whether they should receive credit for ENG 101, an introduction course to ENG 102. In order to receive credit for ENGL 101, students' portfolios must clearly show proficiency in the learning outcomes for ENG 101.


All degree-seeking students with a cumulative GPA above 2.0 and whose ACT or SAT scores place them in ENG 098 or who have completed ENG 098 and want to be placed directly into ENG 102, are eligible to take the ENG 101 Credit-by-Exam.

Application procedure

  • Acquire the mandatory signatures in the following order:
    • Pick up an "application for credit by exam" from Admissions and Records located in the Fitzgerald Student Services Building. Initiate application in advance before deadline. (Please allow three to five business days for Admissions and Records to process application).
    • A signature from your advisor or the Advising Center in line [a] (Note: If you are undeclared, your advisor and dean are in the College of Liberal Arts in the Ansari Business Building).
    • The chair of the English Department for line [b] (Note: Do not email the chair to obtain this signature, please bring the form to the Core Writing Program office (Frandsen Hall 131). You will leave the form and signatures will be obtained once each day. You may pick up your form the following morning).
    • The dean of the college for your declared major for line [c] (Note: Do not email the dean. Take the form to your dean's office for signature).
    • Signature line [d] is not required for submission. The final signature space, "instructor's signature," is where an administrative member of Core Writing signs (after scores are calculated).
    • After you have collected the signatures, take the form to the Cashier's office and pay the $25 fee.  The cashier's office should stamp "paid" on the form as well as provide a receipt to be stapled to the credit-by-exam form.
    • Prepare your portfolio according to the checklist with initials and instructors signature.
    • Your portfolio is due to the Core Writing Office, Frandsen Hall room 131, by the semester designated deadline.