Giving Priorities

Thank you for your commitment to support the College of Engineering. Here are some of our current giving priorities.

Faculty size and quality

Funds to support our faculty allow us to increase both course offerings and research activity. Increased course offerings help our engineering students graduates more quickly and with a lighter debt load. A higher level of research activity helps us attract promising graduate students and recruit and retain top faculty.

Donors can support named chairs, professorships & fellowships to enhance the research productivity and prestige of our programs. Funds are also being raised for a faculty excellence program designed to reward faculty accomplishments and to ensure that our faculty are not hired by a competitive institution.

Student support

Building new programs within the College of Engineering is essential to staying on the cutting edge. Scholarships, fellowships and recruitment funding are needed to attract and retain the best and brightest undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Scholarships: Scholarships for undergraduate students start at $500 year with a four year commitment. Endowments begin at $10,000 and can be payable over four years.
  • Fellowships: Fellowships help to bring the best and brightest researchers and future top engineers to the College of Engineering. An annual fellowship starts at$27,000 per year. Endowments start at $615,000, payable over four years.
  • Recruitment: Funding for recruitment activities to attract talented graduate students to become part of the Wolf Pack family starts at $35,000 per year or $7,000 per department.

High-impact outreach

Our outreach programs are well-known throughout northern Nevada. These programs are an opportunity for us to become a national leader in engineering education. Funds are used to create courses that train K-12 teachers how to implement engineering into their curricula, and work is being done to influence state curriculum requirements.

  1. MESA: Each year the Math, Engineering, Science Achievement group has to scramble for funding for year-end event and rely on unpaid volunteers with limited availability. Funds to support MESA's annual operational costs are extremely necessary and not expensive.
  2. Summer Camps: Funds are being raised to support our faculty and advanced graduate students who teach in these extremely popular summer camps.
  3. Mobile Engineering Education Laboratory: Our engineering students bring lessons to K-8 classrooms around the area. Funding is needed to  provide materials, travel expenses and salaries for student workers. An immediate funding priority is gas and vehicle maintenance as a second van is brought into the group to enable our students to visit more classrooms.

Corporate Partners

Additional Corporate Partners will assist the Dean in seizing opportunities that are available and also to open the doors to our students to major hiring opportunities. For more information please visit the Corporate Partners page.

We will work with you to ensure your gift is used in accordance with your wishes. Please contact us for further information:

  • Flynn Ginty, director of development at or (775) 682-7696
  • Scott Krizman, assistant director of development at or (775) 784-6900