Innovation Day

(Note: Video depicts pre-pandemic Senior Capstone projects.)

The William N. Pennington Engineering Building

Welcome to Innovation Day 2021

Indira Chatterjee
Associate Dean Indira Chatterjee
Manos Maragakis
Dean Manos Maragakis

We are pleased to welcome you to our annual Senior Capstone Innovation Day. For years, this event has been the culmination of our students’ academic experience. Capstone design projects are a critical part of a student’s engineering education and exemplify broad knowledge and innovation. Working in teams to develop original engineering products requires not only technical ability but also communication skills, teamwork and the ability to adapt and change. Our students graduate with this experience, ready for the challenges of professional engineering careers.

The 105 student projects this year demonstrate a high level of achievement, despite the challenges we have faced this year. Through social distancing guidelines and limited access to campus facilities and resources, our exceptional students have shown perseverance and a steadfast commitment to the professional ideals of our disciplines. In lieu of the poster and demonstration sessions that usually mark Innovation Day, this year, our graduating seniors have produced lightning talks to share with the members of our K-12 community as well as our industry partners. We are proud of their achievements in the face of unprecedent challenges.

Innovation Day would not be possible without our capstone instructors, and we’d like to thank them for helping guide our students as they developed these projects.

Manos Maragakis
Dean, College of Engineering
Indira Chatterjee
Associate Dean, College of Engineering

Capstone Instructors

Yantao Shen

Biomedical Engineering

Chuck Coronella

Chemical Engineering

Joseph Wieser

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dave Feil-Seifer & Devrin Lee

Computer Science and Engineering

Sesh Commuri

Electrical Engineering

Mano Misra

Materials Science & Engineering

Daichi Fujioka

Mechanical Engineering

Thank you

Gifts to support senior capstone projects have helped students realize their concepts, including philanthropic support from: 

Will & Lisa Berry in memory of Ken McNichols
Sierra Nevada Corporation
Southwest Gas

Additionally, many companies, organizations, and individuals have provided guidance for the senior capstone projects.
These external advisors are crucial to the success of the students. 


Each year, graduating engineering students work in teams to develop a product that's ready for the marketplace. These senior capstone projects are the highlight of Innovation Day. 

2021 Projects

443 students

105 projects

Seven disciplines