Competition Teams

The 2012 concrete canoe team poses in the quad

These are just some of the events our students  compete in.

Some of our other teams compete in events such as the following:

  • Programming contest
  • Supermileage competition
  • Formula SAE
  • Steel bridge contest

If there's an engineering competition you'd like to learn more about, contact your student organization representatives.

Our students can make concrete float, build vehicles that could track down a lost astronaut on Mars and develop computerized mice that can find their way through a maze.

Engineering is a hands-on discipline, and a degree from the College of Engineering offers plenty of chances for you to get your hands dirty. The College has a wide range of teams that compete in engineering challenges with students from around the globe, many of which combine a technical problem with a physical challenge. Regional and national competitions are also hosted by the University, so whether you want to compete or just come and cheer, you can get in the spirit.

Competition teams work through student chapters of professional engineering societies. Students from all engineering majors are welcome to participate in a competition team. Here's a sampling of the competitions our students have been involved in.

A chemical powered car

Chem-E Car

This competition challenges students to build a small chemical powered car that carries a certain load a specified distance. Precision counts a lot in this competition -- the car also has to stay within course boundaries.

The 2012 concrete canoe team in action

Concrete Canoe

The Concrete Canoe team doesn't just have to make a canoe out of concrete. They have to paddle it to victory. The University's team is coming off an impressive fourth-place finish while playing host to the 2012 event.

The HPV car ready to compete

Human-Powered Vehicle

Mechanical engineering students work in a team to build fast, efficient, sustainable and practical vehicles that -- you guessed it -- are human powered. Vehicles are judged on four criteria: design, speed, innovation and endurance.

Mars Rover in the desert

Mars Rover

University teams compete to design and build the next generation of Mars rovers. The competition is held at the Mars Desert Research Station outside of Hanksville, Utah. Rovers compete in tasks designed to simulate actual missions on Mars.

The micromouse in a maze.


Electrical engineering students team up to build small robotic vehicles capable of navigating through a complex maze. The fastest time wins, and Nevada students have claimed this honor in recent years.

An environmental engineering student works on a water treatment device

Water Treatment

Environmental engineering students build and design a water filter as part of ASCE's Mid-Pac Student Conference. Students tackle a real-world problem and consider factors such as cost and environmental impact.