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Services available

Support services are available to assist research faculty in the development and submission of proposals to various funding agencies and to provide critical knowledge related to the processing of grants and contracts via the InfoEd system, as well as other submission systems.

Specific services available include:

  • Available funding opportunities
  • Budget development
  • Facilitation of subcontract and/or consultant agreements
  • Multi-PI and Multi-institutional projects
  • Pre-award and post-award services
  • Proposal preparation
  • Writing and technical editing

Resources available

Documents, templates, guidelines and other resources are available to research faculty via NevadaBox. This location is updated regularly and includes the most current budget forms, fringe rates, tuition costs and other data needed to complete funding applications.

Internal submission deadlines

Enter the planned submission date in the box below to see internal deadlines for proposal processing.

Proposal submission timeline
Proposals Proposal processing timeline Due date
1 Send initial notification of intent to submit to coordinator
(15 business days prior)
2 Send contact information of any subcontractors to coordinator
(12 business days prior)
3 Send draft budget & justification to coordinator for review and finalization
(10 business days prior)
4 Complete InfoEd file and ‘submit for final review’ w/final budget, final justification and draft summary
(7 business days prior)
5 Upload all other final documents required for submission (excluding final summary and description) to submission site (i.e., Fastlane, NSPIRES, ASSIST, InfoEd S2S, etc)
(5 business days prior)
6 Upload final summary and/or project description to submission site
(1 business day prior)
7 Submission of proposal

Proposal submission timeline

  • Send initial "Notification of Intent to Submit" (15 business days prior)

    Email Grant Support Coordinator Craig Holloman at with the following information:

    • Sponsor Name
    • Deadline Date (or preferred submission date, if different)
    • Link to solicitation or RFP
    • List any collaborative institutions and role (lead or non-lead)

    If you wish for the coordinator to create an InfoEd file on your behalf, please include this additional information:

    • Project title
    • Project start and end  dates
    • List any co-PIs on the project
    • List any key senior personnel on the project
    • List any subcontractors and/or consultants on the project
  • Send contact information of subcontractors (if applicable) (12 business days prior)

    Forward email to the Coordinator with the following information:

    • Organization/institution name and full mailing address
    • Organization/institution PI contact name, address, phone and email
    • Institutional sponsored projects contact (if applicable) name and email
  • Send draft budget and justification for review and finalization (10 business days prior)

    Send attachments of draft SP-22 budget form and justification narrative to the Coordinator.

    Upon review, the Coordinator will finalize both documents and submit any revisions to the PI for review and use.

  • Complete InfoEd file and submit for final review 7 business days prior

    For submissions, complete your InfoEd file by uploading the following documents:

    • Final SP-22 budget form
    • Final budget justification narrative
    • Draft of scope of work, summary or project description
    • Final subcontractor documents (if applicable)
    • Final cost share form (if applicable)

    For System-to-System submissions via InfoEd, complete your InfoEd file by uploading and finalizing all required fields on the InfoEd tabs.  Note: some fields may required the upload of a 'draft' or 'blank' document in order to be able to complete the InfoEd tab.

  • Upload all other final documents required for submission (5 business days prior)

    Upload all required documents to the system being used for proposal submission (i.e., Fastlane, ASSIST, NSPIRES, etc.). These documents may include, but are not limited, to the following:

    • Biosketches
    • References cited
    • Data management plan
    • Postdoctoral mentoring plan
    • Collaborators & other affiliations
    • Current & pending projects
    • Others documents as required

    If required by the submission system (i.e., Fastlane), please grant access for Sponsored Projects to review, edit and/or submit.

  • Upload final summary and/or project description to submission site (1 business day prior)

    Please upload final summary and/or project description documents to the submission site.

  • Proposal submission (due date)

    No review of the proposal will be conducted on the submission deadline date.

    Sponsored Projects will confirm with the PI prior to the submission of any proposal.

    Confirmation of the submission will be sent (if submitted by Sponsored Projects).