Workforce Development

student in a chenmical engineering lab

The College is a key contributor to research and educational programs that support Nevada's economic diversification and develop new technologies for our region and the nation.

Workforce development

The College plays a key role in workforce development in the state of Nevada. Our growing K-12 outreach programs, which serve thousands of students northern Nevada, are contributing to growing interest in STEM careers at an early age, preparing children to succeed in the rigorous program of study an engineering degree requires.

Our degree programs, including a number of interdisciplinary minors, are designed to be responsive to the needs of Nevada employers. We've expanded academic offerings in rapidly emerging industries such as autonomous systems, battery and energy storage technologies and cybersecurity

Engineering graduates also play a critical role in industries targeted by the state of Nevada's economic development plan, including:

  • Data centers
  • Cloud and high-performance computing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Clean and renewable energy
  • Materials and manufacturing
  • Aerospace and defense

Innovation and industry

Northern Nevada has proven to be attractive to high-tech companies, with technology employers such as Tesla, Switch, Ashima Devices and Flirtey relocating to the region in recent years. These companies bring with them demand for well-educated engineers and technologically advanced research and innovation.

The College is home to a number of innovative research centers that work closely with industry to develop research-based solutions to industry concerns.

Center for Civil Engineering Earthquake Research

CCEER staff

Researchers at the Center for Civil Engineering Earthquake Research conduct ground-breaking research and assist companies with seismic qualification testing.

Cybersecurity Center

Cyber security students

The interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Center develops research and education programs that address the need for trained cybersecurity professionals.


traffic at night

A Tier 1 University Transportation Center, SOLARIS is a consortium of five research institutions addressing regional transportation safety issues.

Western Regional Superpave Center

a researchers in the pavements lab

This nationally recognized center conducts innovative research and industry training in pavements and asphalts.