Explorers in Engineering After-School Program

The College of Engineering is now offering the most fun and interactive engineering lessons during after-school hours! Our engineering sessions are designed to give students the knowledge, skills, and confidence to thrive in the math and science fields. Hang out with University of Nevada, Reno Engineering students and participate in exciting activities. Following the activities, students will be provided with an opportunity to receive math and science support.

Our program features fun and exciting engineering lessons from UNR students. We offer an immersive hands-on curriculum where students can participate in activities in a small group setting. Our comprehensive approach to engineering and the design process takes kids from asking questions to creating their own models.

Are you an after-school program coordinator or teacher who is looking for a community resource to keep your students engaged in math and science? Explorers in Engineering has what you need! We aim to help Nevada students stay focused on math and science, learn about the wide range of career possibilities engineering offers, and see how engineers can change the world. 

Introduction to Engineering Presentation: UNR engineering students talk about what it’s like to be an engineering student and discuss the different types of engineering disciplines.

High-Quality Instruction: Content is developed by University of Nevada, Reno engineering students.

Hands-on Activity: Participants get the opportunity to be engineers and conduct an engineering experiment.

Math and Science Support: Participants will have the opportunity to ask for math and science help from UNR students.

Social Interaction: Participants will engage in discussions and icebreaker activities.

Lessons will be available January 31-May 3. Please contact Sam Bickert to be added to the contact list.

Lesson reservations will be available Wednesday, January 25.

Current Lessons

Aliens Steal the Sun! K-2nd (Environmental)

What would happen if, hypothetically speaking, aliens stole the sun from our galaxy? Our energy source is the sun. Students learn all the ways that the sun provides for life on earth. The sun provides light and radiation. Plants need light to grow and we eat the plants as food, which gives us energy. We also need radiation to stay warm. The sun’s energy also gets stored as coal, petroleum, and natural gas. All these forms of energy are traced back to the sun. The students must brainstorm ideas for harnessing the energy from geothermal vents in order to replace the energy from the sun, and discuss their ideas in groups.

Lights, Camera, Engineer! K-2nd (Mechanical & Electrical)

Students put on their engineering-thinking-caps and discover how material science engineers must understand the way light interacts with media. Then the engineers will put their knowledge to use and use mechanical and electrical engineering principles to create their own light powered vehicles!

Oil’s Well That Ends Well. 3rd-5th (Environmental)

Students will learn how to mitigate the effects of oil spills. By the end of this lesson, students will be able to use the engineering design process to successfully construct booms that will prevent the further spread of oil following an oil spill. This lesson adheres to the Next Generation Science Standards that ask students to define simple problems, design solutions that help to solve those simple problems as well as conduct fair tests that help improve said design solutions.

Solar S’Mores. 3rd-5th (Mechanical)

Students make a solar oven and use solar energy to cook a marshmallow and make a s’more. The students will think about the position of the sun during the day and the temperature. Is it constant or does it change? The angle of the sun relates to how much direct sunlight we receive, and, therefore, how much energy we receive. Students will learn how to create their own oven and test it cooking a s’more!