Beijing Jiaotong University

2012 summer camp participants visit a construction site

At a Glance

Program offerings: Two-week summer camp program

Program cost: Students are responsible for the  cost of international travel. Housing will be provided free of charge by BJTU, and students will receive a stipend of 30 RMB per day for meals.

The two-week summer camp program brings together students from around the world for both academic and cultural experiences.

In addition to visiting Chinese historical and cultural landmarks such as the Great Wall, the Beijing Opera and Olympic Stadium, students also have the opportunity to learn about Chinese engineering and infrastructure via site visits and lectures by local faculty.

About BJTU

Located in Beijing's Haidian District, Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU) offers a first-rate education in a beautiful campus environment.

The university is situated on 73 acres and is composed of an east and a west campus. The Haidian District, known as China's Home of Higher Education, is located to the south of Zhongguancun, China's Silicon Valley, making this a bustling location for students and young professionals.

BJTU's School of Civil Engineering, or SCE, was founded in 1996. SCE alumni have worked on numerous railway infrastructure projects throughout China and abroad. Today, the SCE has a comprehensive range of departments, many of which are among the top in the country, including:

  • Department of Bridge Engineering
  • Department of Tunnel & Underground Works
  • Department of Geotechnical Engineering
  • Department of Municipal and Environmental Engineering
  • Department of Highway and Railway Engineering

BJTU has more than 20,000 undergraduate and graduate students as well as more than 500 international students studying on campus.