Hazardous Materials Release

Hazardous Materials Release

Follow S.W.I.M.S.

STOP and THINK. Stop working. Stop the spill.

  • Assess the situation:
  • How big is the spill?
  • Has it made contact with your skin or clothing?

WARN Others

  • Call 911 if there is a medical emergency or danger to life, health, or the environment.
  • Alert people in the area.

ISOLATE the Area

  • Restrict access.
  • Determine the extent of the spill.
  • Keep doors closed.

MONITOR Yourself Carefully and Completely

  • Check yourself for any contamination or signs/symptoms of exposure (wet clothing, skin or respiratory irritation).
  • Remove contaminated clothing and place in a plastic bag.
  • Perform decontamination procedures.

STAY Near the Area Until Help Arrives

  • Minimize your movements.
  • Have person knowledgeable of incident assist responders.
  • Notify your supervisor.

You Can Cleanup a Spill If:

  • You are aware of the hazards and cleanup procedures.
  • There is no potential for personal or environmental damage.
  • The appropriate spill cleanup equipment is available.
  • Two people can clean the spill thoroughly in an hour.

If You Are Unsure if You Can Cleanup a Spill:

  • Call Environmental Health & Safety at 327-5040 (24 hours).

If it is a Major Spill or Uncontrolled Release:

  • Call 911.