Transmission Electron Microscope

JEOL-JEM 2100F Analytical Transmission Electron Microscope

  • Resolution: Point 0.23 nm, Lattice 0.1 nm
  • Electron gun: Field emission ZrO/W (100)
  • Acc. Voltage: 200 kV
  • Magnification: 2,000X to 1,500,000X
  • Diffraction camera length: 8 to 200 cm
  • High dispersion diffraction camera length: 8 to 80 m
  • Modes: TEM, EDS, NBD and CBD

Fischione 150 Dimpling Grinder

FISCHIONE 150 Dimpling Grinder

  • Controlled grinding rate
  • Simultaneously oscillate and rotate the specimen for high quality TEM sample preparation

FISCHIONE 170 ultrasonic disk cutter

FISCHIONE 170 Ultrasonic Disk Cutter

  • Used for cutting specimen disks, rectangular wafers or cylindrical rods from hard, brittle materials

Low-speed saw


  • Low-speed diamond saw

Scanning electron microscope

Hitachi S-4700 II Scanning Electron Microscope

  • Resolution: 2.5 nm at 1kV
  • Electron gun: Cold Field Emission Source, W (310)
  • Acc. Voltage: 0.5 - 30 kV
  • Specimen Stage: PC-Controlled 5-axis motor-drive, 100 mm dia., 17 mm thick
  • Magnification: 35X to 500,000X

Low angle ion mill

Fischione 1010 Low Angle Ion Mill

  • Microprocessor-based precision ion mill/polisher for creating high-quality electron transparent TEM specimens
  • Fully programmable operation
  • Two independently adjustable Hollow Anode Discharge ion sources
  • Oil free vacuum system

Turbo sputter coater

EMITECH K575X Turbo Sputter Coater

  • 54 mm quick changeable target (Au, Pt, Cr)
  • Turbo vacuum system

twin-jet electropolisher

FISCHIONE 110 Twin-Jet Electropolisher

  • Used to thin TEM specimens electolytically
  • Twin-jet technique simultaneously polishes both sides of the sample, creating transparent specimens for TEM

plasma prep cleaner

SPI Plasma Prep Cleaner

  • For rapid and effective removal of organic contamination from EM specimens and TEM specimen holders
  • RF power 0 to 10 watts
  • RF frequency 13.56 MHz crystal controlled