Events and colloquium

Colloquium schedule

Our colloquium sessions begin promptly every Thursday at 4pm in Davidson Math and Science Center room 103.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions from the State of Nevada, Colloquiums have been canceled until further notice. Thank you for your patience. 

Colloquium schedule for Spring 2020
Date Speaker Institution Talk title
Jan. 23 no colloquium n/a n/a
Jan. 30 Angela Smilanich University of Nevada, Reno Do the immune system and plant chemistry mediate complex interactions between plants, herbivores, pathogens, and parasitoids? Yes!
Feb. 6 Floris Van Breugel University of Nevada, Reno Superhydrophobic alkali flies of Mono Lake
Feb. 13 Priya Nanjappa Conservation Science Partners Lessons in creating a culture of inclusivity learned on my path from wildlife biology to policy
Feb. 20 Jacobus de Roode Emory University Migration, microbes and medication in the monarch butterfly
Feb. 27 Jamie Cornelius Oregon State University Life in an unpredictable world: how songbirds cope with unpredictability in resources, weather and exposure to toxins
March 5 Scott Nuismer University of Idaho From tales of coevolution to a coevolutionary synthesis
March 12 James Adelman University of Memphis Tolerance of infection and its consequences for pathogen transmission
March 19 Spring Break  n/a n/a
March 26 Todd Esque United States Geological Survey (USGS) Canceled due to COVID-19
April 2 Jia Hu University of Arizona Canceled due to COVID-19
April 9 Virginia Heinen University of Nevada, Reno Canceled due to COVID-19
April 16 Nate Hardy Auburn University Canceled due to COVID-19
April 23 Jeff Riffell University of Washington Canceled due to COVID-19
April 30 Mike Shapiro University of Utah Canceled due to COVID-19
May 7 Lauren Buckley University of Washington TBA