Paeonia Brownii

We hope these resources will provide you with a starting point for planning your career. Graduates of our program can find jobs as scientists in academia and the public and private sectors. As students, you are encouraged to meet regularly with your adviser, your committee, and scientists in your field to network and receive mentoring that will help you make appropriate career choices.

Career Development Courses

These courses cover essentials for young scientists, including job prospects in academia and industry, funding and grant writing, publishing, communicating science, networking and scientific ethics.

  • EECB 794: EECB colloquium
  • EECB 751,752,753: Topics in ecology, evolution, conservation biology
  • NRES 720: Survivorship skills for graduate students in the sciences
  • HCE 701: Foundations in bioethics
Publications with Career Resources
Social Media and Networking

These social media resources can be important for networking and offer resources for job searches and career development.

Career Resources from Other Programs