Faculty Committees

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Program Advisory Board

The EECB Program Advisory Board (PAB) consists of the following voting members: EECB Program Director and chairs of departments with two or more active EECB Graduate Faculty. Also sitting on the Program Advisory Board, in a nonvoting capacity are the Assistant/Associate Program Directors. The EECB Program Advisory Board shall consider financial matters of EECB and proposed by-law changes. In addition, the Advisory Board shall provide the Program Director with advice regarding program planning, and decisions involving dismissal of students, and shall act as the appeals board for any decisions made by the director or any EECB standing committee. Any appeal from a student must be accompanied by a written evaluation of the appeal from the student's advisory committee.

MemberChairElected/AppointedStart DateLast Meeting
Lee Dyer Y Elected 2014 N/A
David Zeh N N/A 2011 N/A
Bob Nowak N N/A 2014 N/A
Admissions Committee

The EECB Admissions Committee evaluates all student applications to the EECB Program and recommends to the EECB Faculty those students found acceptable and sources of financial support they should receive from the EECB Graduate Program. The EECB Admissions Committee evaluates and advises the Program Director on all Graduate Faculty applications. When considering general admission policies, this committee shall consult with representatives of the EECB student association.

MemberChairAppointedStart DateLast Meeting
Marjorie Matocq Y Appointed 2011 Spring 2017
Chris Feldman N Appointed 2017 Spring 2017
Thomas Parchman N Appointed 2017 Spring 2017
Curriculum Committee

The EECB Curriculum Committee evaluates and approves the graduate courses that are included in the EECB course listing and recommends to the faculty the structure of the EECB core curriculum.

MemberChairElected/AppointedStart DateLast Meeting
Angela Smilanich Y Appointed 2014 Spring 2012
Beth Leger N Elected 2011 Spring 2012
Matt Forister N Elected 2011 Spring 2012
Grant Writing Committee

--Undergoing reorganization

The EECB Grant Writing Committee is charged with the writing and submission of proposals to increase funding for EECB in general and the support of students in particular. Examples of target awards include federal funding for graduate programs, and fellowships that might be sponsored by state and federal agencies.

MemberChairElected/AppointedStart DateLast Meeting
Student Grants Committee
MemberChairAppointedStart DateLast Meeting
Jenny Ouyang Y Appointed 2017 Spring 2017
Jamie Voyles N Appointed 2017 Spring 2017
Kevin Shoemaker N Appointed 2017 Spring 2017