Ann Bingham, Ph.D.

Ann Bingham, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Special Education
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Dr. Ann Bingham has been at UNR since 2001 and is an Associate Professor of Special Education. Her work focuses on early intervention and early childhood special education as well as engaging families of children with disabilities. She received her Ph.D. in special education from the University of Florida with minors in early intervention and research. She previously worked as a speech-language pathologist and developmental specialist providing early intervention services. Her research interests include using art as a vehicle for interventions, supporting families during disclosure of disability, and encouraging peer relationships between young children with disabilities and those with typical development. Dr. Bingham has a dual appointment with the Nevada Center for Excellence in Disabilities where she is the Coordinator for Interdisciplinary Pre-Service Training. She serves as Co-Chair of the Nevada Interagency Coordinating Council and on the state leadership teams for the Nevada TACSEI Pyramid Model Partnership and the Nevada Expanding Opportunities Inclusion Project. Dr. Bingham is the Principal Investigator for ECHOSEE, a federally funded grant to support master's level study in Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education.  During her spare time she loves to read historical fiction and attempts to complete jigsaw puzzles.

Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D., University of Florida
  • M.Ed., Idaho State University
  • M.S., Idaho State University
  • B.S., Idaho State University